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Life on a narrowboat can be as peaceful as it is idyllic BUT you need to understand the pros, cons, highs, lows, and day to day logistics in living on England's inland waterways. Let me help you find out all you need to know before you commit to what could be a very expensive mistake.

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Wooden you just know…?

As I get (slightly) closer to getting my own boat a strange thing happened.
You see, I predicated my budget on doing the fit out myself, I have been sparkys mate, wired houses, am a dab hand with the plumbing and always considered myself to be a decent chippy.

So when a friend said could I help outfit their business premises with a partition wall and fit a shower and new toilet (mascerator- type; due to distance from soil stack) I said sure. Help them, and help me brush up my skills!

As they say on the tube “Please mind the Gap”…in this case between the thought and reality!

A certain amount of slippage has ensued in the timetable. I am also less sanguine about my skills chippy skill as I was!
Granted it has been about 5 years since I last completed a major project but can I have lost all my skills in that time??

Thankfully not! But I am SERIOUSLY more rusty than I thought!

Just as well I have my good friend and bandmate (he is a fantastic lead guitarist) JOHN BRADBERRY a great Chippy and live aboard boater (Mob: 07931645497) He works on lots of boats and is based at Batchworth Lock on the GU at Rickmansworth. He has volunteered to help me when I [finally] get the boat.

Actually he is also the one who let me loose on the tiller of his broadbeam so I could experience the difference between steering a broadbeam and the small boats I have driven in the past! A brave (some would say foolhardy) soul!

His boat is intact but, I lost a good hat to an overhanging branch. Have CART never heard of “Preventative maintenance”? Like cull the trees BEFORE they fall in the water and become an obstruction?

However, it does bring home a fact that this forum and the “Living on a Narrowboat” blog illustrate time and again-research is no substitute for experience!

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Solicitor by profession. Grumpy old Bugger by experience. Ex-HM Forces, Ex-Firefighter, Ex-perienced in life! Am within a gnats whisker of achieving my dream of living on the cut! Sometimes it seems the Gnat has thicker whiskers than Duck Dynasty!