When your dream is just out of reach!

I had hoped by now to be writing, at the very least, about the building and fit-out of my boat. But yet again, I have delays that mean I can’t put the order in for the hull just yet! I have a job overlooking the the Lee Valley Navigation, (Where? Exactly!…Oh come on points for trying at least!)  and I would love to be able to spend 2-3 days a week up there on my boat and toddle down to Ricky for the weekend. Instead I have a daily (2-3 days or more  a week) two hours commute! In with the herd, Mooooo! Oh I hate it!

But it does remind me every time I look out the window at the cut and the boats passing or moored that whilst it has its challenges life on the cut definitely has its compensations too!

One common theme to both life afloat and on land is crime. I had my bike pinched from outside of my flat two weeks back! Not worth much but really causing me no end of inconvenience. I have heard of several boats having things pinched that were actually chained down such as gennys.

So we need to take care and also to look out for each other. I know a lot of the boat owners as I travel along Watford to Ricky regularly and I am always conscious of someone who just does not seem to “fit” or I might know is not associated with the owner of a boat. Most of the scumbags are from outside the waterways community but occasionally you find a worm in the apple!

The story I was told of a boat with light-fingered owners who were caught red-handed with a blanket they had lifted of someones washing line and a genny grabbed off the stern of someones trad. They were told in no uncertain terms to move on! The gossip was they did but took their larcenous habits with them. Apparently they picked on the wrong people as they came home from the pub to find someone had sunk their boat! Oh dear, apparently damaged beyond repair. Such a shame.

So, as the weather gets glorious and all the people head out to the cut have a thought for your kit and lock it up or hide it away.



Useful Information

Solicitor by profession. Grumpy old Bugger by experience. Ex-HM Forces, Ex-Firefighter, Ex-perienced in life! Am within a gnats whisker of achieving my dream of living on the cut! Sometimes it seems the Gnat has thicker whiskers than Duck Dynasty!