Steppin’ Out; World Tour 2014. Day 9 Wednesday. Lazy Wednesday afternoon.

P9100849Hi folks doesn’t have the same ring as Lazy Sunday Afternoon by the Kinks but I’ve decided to recharge my batteries and have a day lounging about. I didn’t surface till 10 o’clock. Bone idle no excuses. I think it will do me good as I feel quite worn out after yesterday. Only 3 locks but a lot more pulling and holding the boat while queueing. My knee was giving me a little trouble last night and I couldn’t see why at first then realised I’d probably done more yesterday than other days.

Wall to wall hazy sunshine and very warm.  What to tell you about as I haven’t done lots. Half hour on the guitar this morning. Then decided to mop the bird poo off the top of the boat and cleaned out the cruiser stern asP9100851 it had got a bit untidy and dusty over the last week or so. This isn’t major surgery let me tell you, just a quick flick. I have however refilled my stern greaser and mopped the water out of the engine room. I get a bit of leakage when I’m moving I think it’s the age thing.

P9100854The big question today is what do I take pictures of as I’m not going to be travelling and one field of sheep looks pretty much like another. I think I found 6 to keep you entertained or might be 7 and I’ll pinch one from late last night.

While out travelling this last week and while washing the poo from the roof P9100866it has brought home to me how much in need of a paint job she is. The windows need taking out while painting too as there are rust bleeds coming through. So while I don’t have many leeks yet, I’ve found one recently, sanding and undercoating and generally sprucing her up ready for next year has to be a priority over the autumn, winter, spring and early summer. Also having some hooks to hang windlass, mooring pins, chains, pegs and hammer on so everything is at hand when required.

Organisation that’s what I need to do. Put things where 1. I might know where they are and 2. might be able to lay hands on them when needed, especially if in a little hurry. This sounds very helpful and similar to what I probably thought after last years trip out but progress could be made on my return to base.

P9100868It’s been a relaxing and yet mildly productive day. Another session on the guitar and I think I’ve sorted out one of the songs I want to record. Read a little more of Andrew Marr’s History of the World. Only just started it but I’m finding it very interesting and thought provoking. Seems to be leading P9100875me down the anti establishment route in fact I may be revolting. Not sure I’ve phrased that right but there you go.

The sun is just sinking down now and I shall be poddling through Rugeley and Armitage tomorrow. Might stop for a bit of shopping. Sorry it’s a bit short but normal service may be resumed tomorrow.

P9090838Thanks for reading.

Cheers, Nige

Photos; 1. The crack of dawn. Well 10 o’clock actually.  2. A nice boaty pic.      3. One of the windows showing the rust. Not horrendous yet but needs tidying up.  4. My own little recording studio. Modern technology is an amazing thing especially when living in a smaller space.  5. The power station peeking out at me.  6. A lovely evening sun.  7. Last nights burning bush.

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55 years old. I work in registered care as a care assistant and have my house up for sale and when sold will be buying a narrowboat of some kind to live on. Been a bit of a dream of mine for many years. Don't know for certain if I'll like it but I'm really looking forward to it and think that I will. I have been looking at boats and reading and talking to people over the last 6 to 9 monts and sometimes I feel like I might know what layout I want. I will be on a restricted budget of about 25 to 35k and will be looking for advice and tips to help me make a fair start on the water.

Paul Smith - Thursday,11 September, 2014

One of the advantages of having a trad stern is that I have all my mooring equipment on hooks and clips on the bulkhead between the engine room and the bedroom. They’re handy for when I need them but away from prying eyes and light fingers.


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