Saul Junction Marina

Each mooring at Saul Junction Marina has the use of a service bollard that provides electricity, fresh water and lighting. Diesel fuel, coal and gas are available for the service area adjacent to the main office. The marina now has fully functioning WC facilities with a new shower block. There will also be a continuing landscaping programme throughout the summer and autumn, as the season permits.


Saul Junction Marina

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Paul Smith

After six and a half years living on a narrowboat on England's inland waterways, Paul and his wife Cynthia wandered Europe by motorhome during the winter, and on the Dutch and French waterways in the warmer months on their 35' Dutch motor cruiser. However, the pull of England's muddy ditches proved too much for them. Now they're back where they belong, constantly stuck in mud in a beautiful traditional narrowboat.

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davidcassidy - Wednesday,4 October, 2017

We now have our first narrowboat Topsy on Saul Marina and we cant be happier, in our eyes one of the best .


    Paul Smith - Thursday,5 October, 2017

    Congratulations David. I hope that your time afloat is both happy and relaxing. It’s a wonderful way of life.



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