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Our Nige; Joys of sunny days and The Dangers of The Dark Side.

Bear with me folks on the Epiblog but there’s so much to do now I’m home. People visiting, getting used to the marina, fetching my worldly possessions from other peoples houses and seeing what can be dispensed with as I still need to downsize some more.

What a bank holiday we had. Wall to wall sunshine and a trip out with some friends upto The Mill House pub for Sunday lunch and a pint. Theme pub but they brought the food quickly and it was ok but nothing special. The beer was good. For any one thinking about the joys of boating this was a good day with sun beating down and just gently cruising. A little bit of excitement in Willington as there were boats everwhere and the one we were following  used the winding hole and he was a 70 footer so just had to hold her in mid stream but hey where’s the rush. It really is nice to meet up with friends and a leisurely pint and then upto Burton to turn round. Which, I say boastfully with great pride, I did absolutely spot on. Turned her on her own axis. This helps to make up for some other escapades but I was dead chuffed even if that is a little childish.

Bank holiday Monday I had a group of four friends who brought lunch, wine and cider with them.

A nice spot for lunch

A nice spot for lunch

We set off for Stenson lock which is a very deep double lock so I thought I’d take advantage while I’d got so many crew. Their first time locking so I explained as best as I could what they might encounter and again went through it once we arrived. Plenty of Gongoozelers and two boats coming up so they could see a bit of what was going to happen. They coped ok and off we went heading for Swarkestone. We must have been doing nearly two miles an hour and it was blissful in sunshine. Having turned with only one bump we moored up for lunch. Hawthorne hedge with leaves starting to fill it out, birds singing, no road noise at all and an occasional train rolling past which was far enough away to add to rather than detract from our lunch. Home made mushroom quiche, home made potatoe salad with salad leaves, tomatoes, onion and that sort of thing washed down with a nice cider for me and wine and cider for the others then followed by home made coconut tarts and cheese scones.

Helen and Ann two beautiful and wonderful crew.

Helen and Ann two beautiful and wonderful crew.

I just might invite them again, not that I’m mercinary you understand. A slow meander back to base and a seven hour outing which covered about 7 or 8 miles saw everyone so chilled out it was ridiculously wonderful.

For anyone thinking of joining the boating community  that was the colour brochure day out which lures you in with false promises but doesn’t tell you about being led astray into unnatural and down right depraved rituals which no one has mentioned to me ever. This is a world exclusive for this site too as they have never been mentioned before. Think about this before you take the plunge and sell the grandchildren to finance your new boat. I have done things this week which I’ve never in all my 56 years done before and have been lured and enticed by new nextdoor neighbour. I washed the boat down and then BRASSOED the slide for my hatch, I have taken to getting my hands dirty greasing the stern gland. Buying sheets of SANDPAPER willingly and PAINTBRUSHES. And as if that wasn’t depraved enough I’ve ordered some LOOSEPIN BRASS BUTT HINGES so I can reseat my windscreen. So please be aware that it’s not all sunshine and cheese scones there are the forces of the Dark Side lurking in amongst the reed beds. I may need to see my therapist as I think I might have been traumatised. These practises were what other people did not me, no not me ever, nurse the screens. Aaaaagggghhhhh

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Our Nige

55 years old. I work in registered care as a care assistant and have my house up for sale and when sold will be buying a narrowboat of some kind to live on. Been a bit of a dream of mine for many years. Don't know for certain if I'll like it but I'm really looking forward to it and think that I will. I have been looking at boats and reading and talking to people over the last 6 to 9 monts and sometimes I feel like I might know what layout I want. I will be on a restricted budget of about 25 to 35k and will be looking for advice and tips to help me make a fair start on the water.