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Life on a narrowboat can be as peaceful as it is idyllic BUT you need to understand the pros, cons, highs, lows, and day to day logistics in living on England's inland waterways. Let me help you find out all you need to know before you commit to what could be a very expensive mistake.

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Narrowboat Builders?

We would like some suggestions, as to who to go to, to get quotes for a live-aboard new build. It may well turn out to be a “sailaway + bits fitted” for us to finish ourselves but we want the basics to be right for us and we don’t think we need/can afford a complete “bespoke” build.
We have already visited;

Wharf House narrowboats – very impressed
Tristar (Jeremy Greenwood)
Nottingham Boats

While I’m managing to post this, maybe you can advise on the relative costs of buying a secondhand boat and getting it altered/sorted to suit us?



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Rob Williams

Work as an Outdoor Instructor in a SEBD school. Musician - Trombonist Real Ale fan Hoping to live on a Wide Beam by the end of the year with my wife and Cockerpoo!