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Living On A Narrowboat Option 2

The A-Z Of Everything You Ever Wanted To Know
About Living On A Narrowboat

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* Costs: Discover exactly what the day to day costs are for a liveaboard narrowboat* Hundreds of articles covering every aspect of narrowboat life * Case studies: Meet the full time liveaboards and find out what they think about life afloat * Mooring: Find a residential mooring. It’s not as easy as you think * Layout: Which narrowboat design will suit you best? Winter weather: How comfortablle are narrowboats in the winter? * The Downside: It’s not all roses; could you deal with these problems? * Canal Etiquette: How to behave on the inland waterways * Dogs: Living afloat with your canine chum * Children: Is canal life practical if you have youngsters? * Narrowboat length: What’s the best length narrowboat to live on? What’s the best length to cruise with? Is there an ideal length for both? * Electrics: What dry land electrical luxuries will work for you on your boat? * Toilets: What types of toilets are available and which is right for you? * Narrowboat Buyers Checklist: Essential considerations before you buy your boat

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