Living On A Narrowboat Costs

Here Are The TRUE Costs Of Living On A Narrowboat

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Discover the real cost of buying, maintaining and living on a narrowboat. You’ll learn what essentials you need on a liveaboard narrowboat and why some narrowboats just aren’t right for you. You’ll learn the cost of transporting, surveying and purchasing your new narrowboat. You’ll find out mooring costs, council tax costs (you may not need to pay them), licensing, painting, MOT, insurance and roadside rescue (the boating equivelent). Then there are your day to day living costs. You’ll find out utility costs, repair and maintenance costs and fuel costs.

You won’t find this amount of detailed- and free –  information anywhere else on the internet. You’ll receive a series of useful and informative emails to help you make the right decision about your liveaboard narrowboat.