How To Find Me

If you’re planning on visiting me, you’ll need to follow the directions below. Please note that there are two different sets of directions. One is to my mooring within the marina. The other is to the location I use for the beginning of my discovery days. The two locations are only a few hundred metres apart so it’s not going to be the end of the world if you use the wrong directions. However, please bear in mind that I rarely have a mobile signal either in the marina or at the top of the Calcutt flight so you will need to email me if you end up in the wrong place and I’m not there.


Directions from Tomlow Rd (Car)

Directions from Tomlow Rd to my mooring above Calcutt Top Lock

Directions from Tomlow Rd to my mooring above Calcutt Top Lock

The postcode closest to where I will be moored is CV47 8HX. The What3Words location is If you enter the postcode into your satellite navigation device, you will be directed to the closest point on Tomlow Rd, about half a mile from where I’ll be. You should then see a sign for a private lane to Calcutt Boats and Napton reservoir.

Follow the lane for half a mile until you reach a pair of electric gates. This is the marina entrance. Don’t enter the marina grounds if you’re joining me for a discovery day. Instead, turn right before the gates – there should be a sign pointing towards Napton reservoir – then park in the reservoir car park.

Walk up the embankment to the reservoir and turn left to follow the reservoir footpath up to the canal. Do not try to take a shortcut by using the path across the middle of the reservoir. An otter fence at the far end prevents you from reaching the canal. The reservoir should be on your right as you head for the canal. Turn left when you reach the canal towards Calcutt Top Lock, then cross the canal by walking across the lock gates. Now turn right away from the lock. You will see some boats moored ahead of you. My boat will be one of them.

Orient ready for another Discovery Day cruise

Orient ready for another Discovery Day cruise

The boat is Orient, a 62′ Steve Hudson traditional stern boat. The cabin has a grey front and a maroon back. The boat name, Orient, and East Midlands Canal Carrying Company are sign written on the rear maroon section of the boat. The engine room side doors might be open when you pass so you can sneak a peek at my gorgeous Lister JP2M. I may well be hunched over the Lister, furiously polishing my pistons. If I’m not in the engine room, walk to the front of the boat and knock on the cabin side. I’ll be inside making your tea or coffee.

Update 14th October 2022: The 400m walk from the reservoir car park to the canal will take less than ten minutes. If you don’t want to walk this far, or you choose a winter date with me, and you aren’t comfortable with a nighttime country walk, Calcutt Boats office manager Steven Cox-Watkins has offered marina all-day parking for £2.

If you want to take advantage of Steven’s generous offer and thank him personally for saving you from that arduous reservoir trek, drive into the marina, follow the ‘Reception’ signs and find out where to park and pay your fee in the marina office.

Please note that the marina office doesn’t open until 8 am, so you will probably reach Orient 15-20 minutes late. I would be grateful if you phone or email me if you plan to use the marina parking option.

Directions from Wigrams B & B (Foot)

The closest accommodation to my mooring is on the canal at Napton junction, where the Grand Union and Oxford canals meet. A ten-minute walk along the Grand Union canal will bring you to Calcutt Top Lock. To ensure that you head in the right direction from Wigrams, stand with your back to the B & B and the junction to your left. You should see a row of moored boats opposite and to the right. Turn right along the towpath so that the canal is on your left.

If you reach the lock, you’ve just walked past my boat. The boat’s description is above.