GRP Cruiser For Sale

Last week I received an email which I’ve copied below. I offered to mention the boat in my next newsletter and asked Norah to send me additional information. I know it’s not a narrowboat. In fact, it’s the first time in three years that a GRP cruiser has appeared anywhere on the site. It’s not suitable for living on board, although some people do. The letter and the photo’s I received from Norah are reproduced below.

I don’t know anything at all about cruisers, but maybe you do or someone you know does. If you’re interested in what appears to be a pretty good recreational cruiser, please email Norah directly.

Letter page One








Letter Page Two









Letter Page Three









Here are the scanned images of the photo’s Norah sent me…





Norah Trimmings
Subject Selling our boat
Message My husband is very ill and I need to sell our boat that is moored at Fazely Mill. Anybody can go and look at the outside of her, her name is SAPHIRE. I wondered if you knew of anybody that may be interested in buying her, I need to sell her desperately to be able to help my husband. The price I want, and I will not take less, is £10,000, she has almost a years canal licence and mooring fees are paid monthly and she is insured. If you could get people to email me then I can call them.