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Life on a narrowboat can be as peaceful as it is idyllic BUT you need to understand the pros, cons, highs, lows, and day to day logistics in living on England's inland waterways. Let me help you find out all you need to know before you commit to what could be a very expensive mistake.

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Introducing The Only Canal Map You’ll Ever Need

2,200 miles of inland waterways, dozens of canals, hundreds of marinas, thousands of pubs and waterside cafes, and access to more tourist atractions than you can count. How do you know where to go, what route to take, how long to allow for your journey and what to do and see when you get there? You need a guide.

You need a canal map.

But what canal map do you choose? You have a choice of three different types:

  • Traditional paper maps
  • Web based maps
  • Offline mapping software

Traditional paper canal maps and guides

Traditional maps are available in many

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