Boatie folk!

This weekend saw me at the Rickmansworth Canal Festival.

Booze, bands and Boatie Folk at the “Boatie Folk” night on Friday when all the Canal community and those who have moored up for the festival get together, then all day Saturday with my two little boys looking at boats and buying ice cream!

The sheer number of people for who this is their closest contact with the canal is staggering.

The one thing that stuck in my mind most of all though was the sheer breadth and width of the canal community (With apologies to “Blazing Saddles…) “Smokers, tokers, drinkers, thinkers, preachers, papists and pagans, Doctors, lawyers, rich men, poor men, straight,GAY, and undecided. Left and right and stuck in the middle, Narrows, Widebeams, Trads and modern, Rockers, Jazz and folkies- all the spectrum of British life on a water filled channel 20 feet wide!”  Absolutely brilliant! LOL!

The community is so diverse and yet all seem to rub along. The general approach being to “live and let live.”

If you have never been to the Ricky Festival I encourage you to come and have a blast!

Oh, and following on from my rusty woodworking skills I have discovered that project management is not high in my skillset either! We are so far about 4 weeks behind schedule! Granted there have been issues and additions to the plan but even so the going is slow!

This has given me food for thought on the timetable for my fit out. I was looking at 4 weeks. I think twice that is realistic with probably the same for “snagging”.

Also had a long discussion with John the chippy about hot water systems and the solar warmer he is installing to go with the panels he has that mean that he has not run his engine all week until he wanted a shower. Hence the interest in an alternative method of heating that is not via the engine calorifier. Volunteered to help when he builds it. Always happy to learn on someone elses dime!

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Solicitor by profession. Grumpy old Bugger by experience. Ex-HM Forces, Ex-Firefighter, Ex-perienced in life! Am within a gnats whisker of achieving my dream of living on the cut! Sometimes it seems the Gnat has thicker whiskers than Duck Dynasty!

Paul Smith - Tuesday,20 May, 2014

Great plug for the festival. I must go one year.

Yes, four weeks for a fit out does seem a tad optimistic. It’s not unusual to take a year or more to fit out a boat. I will be watching your progress with great interest when you begin the project. I hope you have the time, and the energy, to keep your blog updated after the end of a hard day’s work!


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