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English Inland Waterways Worker, Cruiser And Die-Hard Enthusiast

Booking Your Session

Please book your session on the calendar on this page. You'll find full instructions above the calendar.

How To Call Me

The most cost effective way of calling me is via Skype. The call is free, but you need to have an internet connection. My Skype user name is...


Please send me a contact request as soon as you can. To make the most of your time with me, you want to have everything in place before your scheduled call.

If you don't have access to the internet, or would rather use a landline or mobile to call me, my number is 07496 886639. If you are calling from outside the UK, please dial 0044 7496886639.

Please place your call at exactly the time you have scheduled. I may be on another call if you contact me earlier, so I won't be able to answer you. Try not to call later than your scheduled time as, if I have later calls planned, I won't be able to run over the scheduled finish time.

Discussion Topics

The world is your oyster. I can talk the hind leg off a donkey, so if you want to spend your session discussing the meaning of life, or the pros and cons of Brexit, that's fine with me. What you probably want to do though is find out more about life on England's inland waterways network.

You should have received an email from me asking for a list of topics to discuss. If you haven't seen the email please let me know.

In the email, I've asked you to give me a little background information about you and your boating plans. The more information I have, the more I can help guide you in the right direction.

Please write down topics you would like to talk about. Put them in order of priority. Time passes quickly when you're having fun. I don't want you to reach the end of your session(s) with a long list of unanswered questions.

Here are some ideas for you. It's an index of popular inland waterways boating terms and links to popular subject and articles on my site.

You may also want to talk about the general logistics of managing life on the water without a fixed address, how the different narrowboat systems mesh together, how to keep your boat warm and condensation free, how and where to find decent residential moorings, or even the pros and cons of particular boats.

I am more than happy to look at particular boat specifications with you. Send me an email with a link to the boat's online listing. We'll discuss the pros and cons during our call.

My time is your time.  Make the most of it. I look forward to speaking to you.

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