An Alternative To Smoking On Board

A narrowboat offers a relatively small living space so you don’t want to fill it with cigarette smoke. Here’s a healthy alternative for those of you who need a nicotine boost

My name is Allan, from the South West of England UK and I have been helping people all my life in various ways.

Many years ago my married life ended abruptly with Antoinette and I was on my own. After the wounds healed, (Many years later), I heard that Antoinette (Toni) had problems and I was in a position to help her. I didn’t hesitate. I helped her through a difficult period and I think this started another sort of friendship and respect for each other.

This happened a few times and I was always at hand and pleased to be able to give a helping hand because I had a personal feeling of pleasure, (An inner glowing feeling) being useful.

Then the tables turned and I found myself in deep trouble. To my amazement, Toni came to the rescue. I suppose I shouldn’t have
been surprised but when you are under severe stress and bordering on depression thinking is not always logical or normal. This is when our friendship and enjoying each other’s company became rekindled. It was quite different though, as we both still enjoy our independence and own space.

Let’s whizz through many years between 35 and 40 years to the present time –

Toni and I now both live on “Quaint” English narrowboats; a type of vessel that is not found anywhere else in the world, to my knowledge. Both boats are “High Tech” boats complete with everything one would expect in a well-appointed house or flat. We cruise together on the canals these days, (A superb lifestyle that I have written about in another book). We love doing things together and at the same time we are able to have our own space and independence with each owning a boat.

An electronic cigaretteThis may seem odd to some people but it is absolutely right for us. This has given you a short resume of our lifestyles and takes us nicely into the introduction of how I, (A 100% non-smoker, who is affected by second hand tobacco smoke), became seriously interested in the Electronic method of smoking; you see, what I haven’t mentioned before, is that Toni is a regular smoker!

I was visiting her a few of years ago, (When she still lived in a lovely old cottage), in rural Somerset, near Stourhead, on the edge of a forest and in the outstanding beauty of the English countryside. She went out shopping for a couple of items like bread and tomatoes, (And some cigarettes, I expect), and she came across an electronic disposable cigarette.

Knowing how “ciggies” affect me, she purchased one of these, partially out of curiosity.

On her return, she started smoking the EC (Electronic Cigarette) whilst we were sitting in front of her log fire; the aroma and flickering flames of a log fire, being a rare pleasure for me.

I didn’t say anything about her “smoking” in close proximity to me, after all, it was her home and I would not comment on her right to do what she wanted in her own home.

I was surprised, (To say the least), because for the first time in my life, I was not affected by her smoking. I was puzzled as this had never happened before.

It took me a little while to realise that there was something “different” with the cigarette she was smoking. I took more notice and it was only then that I noticed that the red tip was not actually a burn of tobacco but a good imitation, (There was no ash either!). This was the actual moment that I became interested. Needless to say, I studied this new type of cigarette and I had a really good look. I took it to pieces and then reassembled it again. I was impressed – really impressed!

Unfortunately, the EC that Toni purchased was not satisfying enough for her and did not replace the necessity for the nicotine she was used to, although it did have other attributes as it enabled the hand and other movements that smokers are used to and it is a natural progression from tobacco.

Well! I could not get over the “Magic” “Space-Age Cig”, I called it, and the idea of the Electronic Cigarette intrigued me, so I started researching what was available, (Factually there are 100’s of brands manufactured all over the World), many from the Far East, some manufactured in India and there were a large number of American companies set up their own Research and development Labs, then had the American Stands manufactured where labour is less expensive, but to their strict standards.

With this vast amount of selection, (Not too many available in the UK at the moment, as the EC has only just arrived here), where does one start? I became more and more interested in the development, manufacture, spread and interest in these products and have spent over a year, absolutely fascinated in the new “Space Age” electronic cigarette.

The research was serious; I spent over ?500 (About $750 USD) of myown money; not all at once but it was only when I did a calculation that I realised just how much I spent on following my interest in ECs. It gave me something to do and I wondered how one thought of the idea in the first place and it has been a rewarding journey for me too.

It is only recently that I came to the conclusion that I know so much about the positive aspects of smoking the new electronic way, I was in a position to share my knowledge with other people not knowing where to start.

It does take a short while to get used to minor differences between tobacco (Burning) and Electronic (Non-Burning) cigarettes.
There are a couple of minor differences when smoking the electronic way but there are a host of advantages!

The main ones (Features) are:

They are much healthier – not having any of the cacogenic poisons that induce cancer (Tobacco smoke has over 4000 of them of which 5 or 6 are cancer inducing).

Electronics are much cheaper – a 20-a-day smoker will reduce the costs of smoking by over ?1500 per year (That’s over $2200 USD)
This can reduce your smoking costs by up to 80%

WOW! You just can’t ignore this massive on-going savings! It could pay for your next holiday. How “Cool” is that?

You can smoke anywhere legally – The smoke produced is not actually smoke but white water vapour with the vaporised nicotine that supplies the body with the nicotine to satisfy your need to smoke – MUCH more satisfying than Patches, Gum, Tablets or injection and prescription medicine.

No second hand smoke – so you do not cause distress to asthma sufferers or other people that are affected by a smoky environment.

Clothes stay clean and fresh – no more stale smoke and clothes stay fresher.

Teeth – do not become discoloured, stained teeth will become brighter and whiter.

Bad Breath – No more smoky breath, you can get near to your partner or close friends without that awful stale smoky breath.

Home Interiors – No more ceiling going brown from nicotine stains, or curtains becoming discoloured and there is no stale smoke residue either, so every member of the household benefits.

Now there’s an impressive list of positives!

Don’t you think it is time you found out about the Healthier way to Electronic smoking?

Why not read my free book? After you have read all I have learned about the electronic cigarette, which brands are good and which brands are not so good, you’ll have a better idea and some of my expertise to help you decide whether you want to try this new experience and more importantly, where to start.

Allan is in the process of putting together more information about electronic cigarettes in the form of an eBook. If you would like him to send it to you, just send him an email.

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Paul Smith

After six and a half years living on a narrowboat on England's inland waterways, Paul and his wife Cynthia wandered Europe by motorhome during the winter, and on the Dutch and French waterways in the warmer months on their 35' Dutch motor cruiser. However, the pull of England's muddy ditches proved too much for them. Now they're back where they belong, constantly stuck in mud in a beautiful traditional narrowboat.

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