Discovery Day Feedback

Thank you for spending a day with me on the cut. I hope that the experience has given you the knowledge and confidence to move forward with your boating plans. My aim was to make an instructive day as pleasant for you as possible. With that in mind, I will be eternally grateful if you can spare a few minutes to answer the questions below. Testimonial are the lifeblood of any business. If your Discovery Day was a positive experience, please let other aspiring narrowboat owners know via this form. And if you think my service can be improved, please tell me by completing the Any Other Comments field.

I want to use your answers in my marketing if that's OK with you. Can you just write a sentence or two telling me where you are with your boating plans at the moment and the reason for you booking a discovery day with me?
Did you receive enough information about the event before you arrived? Were the directions clear enough? Was there any pre-event information missing as far as you are concerned?
What did you think of the day generally? Were you happy with the amount of information /instruction and the way it was delivered? Would you have liked anything adding to the day?
Would you recommend a discovery day to anyone else who is considering living afloat and, if so, why? 
Would you like to make any other comments?

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